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Mr. Root
My tutoring rate is $20 per half-hour. Students do assignments from
the documents that I provide and I grade them while video
conferencing with the student.

A parent or student need to scan the homework that they have
completed and email to me using PDF file format. I open the
document and can then grade it while teaching how to solve the
various problems. In this way a student gets the most value from

I have experimented with many different methods of teaching
mathematics and sciences and for both I have found that doing the
most number of problems and getting feedback as to the
correctness of the answers is key for a student's learning and
understanding. As a general rule, a student should be doing 1 to 2
hours of math homework every night. The grading should only take a
half-hour unless the student needs additional lessons then what
was provided in class.

A basic support is $20 per textbook section for middle school math
through precalculus. I charge $30 for AP classes.

I live in Brentwood CA and before this in Danville CA, so I am based
in what is called the East Bay area of San Francisco region.