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I have this website to support my tutoring services of
mathematics and science courses from 6th grade through 12th

In my experience I have learned that school districts have less than
50% of students pass Algebra 2. And yet from Common Core
Study, the number one indicator of a student going to a 4 year
college/university and making it through is Algebra 2, 32% chance.
For Pre-Calculus completed in high school chances double to
about 64%.  So to counter this dismal performance of schools
effectiveness, I am generating a after school program that is a  
possible solution that can improve the student's math performance.

I have taught for 9 nine years after having a career in the  
electronics industry. My degree is in Electrical Engineering. I have
been a math department head for a private high school. I currently
am offering full course support to parents whose student is taking
a math and or science class.

I charge $600 for my tutoring service that includes online
information: lesson per section, practice test per module (chapter)
and solutions to problems in the textbook.

I generate a large number of unique information on solving
problems and online tests that are helpful to students. Most
importantly I generate practice tests that make simulating what a
test could be like in order for the parent to determine if their student
is ready for a test.  

In my lessons and problem explanations, I write additional
comments whenever necessary to improve the publisher's
material and to empathize further where I have experience of
students that need more explicative content then the original


Mr. Root
6th Grade Math, Math 6
7th Grade Math, Math 7
8th Grade Math, Math 8

9th Grade Math, Algebra 1
10th Grade Math, Geometry
11th Grade Math, Algebra 2
12 th Grade Math, Pre-Calculus

AP Calculus
AP Statistics

6th Grade Science, Environmental
7th Grade Science, Life Science
8th Grade Science, Physical Science

9th Grade Science, Biology
10th Grade Science, Chemistry
11th Grade Science, Physics

AP Physics

AP Chemistry