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Mr. Root

I use this site to support students that I am teaching with

Often for many of the documents, I use larger font (14 point)
for when I display the documents in class,  I am using a
projector display that does not display the publisher's
material well because their documents are in a smaller font
size including the text/work book.

In my lessons and problem explanations, I write additional
comments whenever necessary to improve the publisher's
material and to empathize further where I have experience of
students that need more explicative content then the original

I have lessons with answers, original homework, homework
with answers, study guides for test preparation and videos
all to help students learn the concepts. In addition, for
students that loose their  textbook/workbook pages or those
that just want to self test how well they remember the
material they can print out student pages and fill out the
problems once again.

Jaguars please use the
Algebra_1_HMH_2015 tab for the
class website page or click on text/work book to the right.


Charles Richard Root