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Mr. Root

My Students:
I use this site to support students that I am teaching with lessons,
homework solutions and practice tests including online tests at my
Schoology site. Also, I keep  most classes that I have taught on this
site. I have taught or tutored 6th grade through 12th grade
mathematics and sciences. If you are a student of mine the
information is free.

Not My Students:
Some students know that they do not get enough high quality math
information to help them learn as well as practice for tests.  I offer
very detailed math lecture documents, power point slides, practice
tests and videos. I charge $300 per course. The price helps me to
pay for expanding and increasing the functionality of this website.

About the Content:
I create classroom usable documents that a teacher could use.  I
improve the publisher's material whenever appropriate to increase  
presentation of material. This can include expanding explanations,
improving readability and projecting via a document camera. I have
lessons, practice worksheets, test study guides and videos.

Current Courses Supported:
1. Numbers Math
2. Algebra 1
3. Algebra 2

For Schools:
I can create and maintain your own version of this math and
science site that teachers and students can use. The cost is $300
per day for content not including website fees and other licensing


Mr. Root
6th Grade Math, Math 6
7th Grade Math, Math 7
8th Grade Math, Math 8

9th Grade Math, Algebra 1
10th Grade Math, Geometry
11th Grade Math, Algebra 2
12 th Grade Math, Pre-Calculus

AP Calculus
AP Statistics

6th Grade Science, Environmental
7th Grade Science, Life Science
8th Grade Science, Physical Science

9th Grade Science, Biology
10th Grade Science, Chemistry
11th Grade Science, Physics

AP Physics
AP Chemistry