Volume 1
Unit 1        Quantities and Modeling
Module 1        Quantitative Reasoning
Module 2        Algebraic Models

Unit 2        Understanding Functions
Module 3        Functions and Models
Module 4        Patterns and Sequences

Unit 3        Linear Functions, Equations, and Inequalities
Module 5        Linear Functions
Module 6        Forms of Linear Equations
Module 7        Linear Equations and Inequalities

Unit 4        Statistical Models
Module 8        Multi-Variable Categorical Data
Module 9        One-Variable Data Distributions
Module 10        Linear Modeling and Regression

Unit 5        Linear Systems and Piecewise Functions
Module 11        Solving Systems of Linear Equations
Module 12        Modeling with Linear Systems
Module 13        Piecewise-Defined Functions
Algebra 1 Houghton Miflin, Harcourt 2015
Week of 10-30-2016 thru 11-4-2016 Agenda

Monday 10-31-2016
Study Guide for Module 4 Test was to have been completed as homework.
Most students did not do
this assignment. I then gave them Monday in class to do and  assigned to be completed for homework.

Tuesday 11-1-2016
I went over the Study Guide problems 1-20.

I then had an in class assessment consisting of 12 questions. Some students chose not to participate. I will
grade and add comments for students in class but not participating in Aeries.

Some students continued not to prepare for the Module 4 test; no work on the study guide even when I went
over it in class. I will grade the Study Guide based on participation.

Wednesday 11-2-2016
Module 4 Test

Thursday 11-3-2016
Lesson on 5.1, Homework problems 1-21 page 205-209

Friday 11-3-2016
Lesson 5.2 , Homework problems 1-2
3 page 215-219
11-7-2016 thru 11-10-2016 Agenda

Monday 11-7-2016: Originally I had planned to offer a ReTest of Module 3 test. I will push this out till
Thursday, 11-10-2016.  Instead, I will cover 5.2, Using Intercepts and assign homework page 215-219,
problems 1-23, odd number only.

Tuesday 11-8-2016: I will cover 5.2 homework and I will go over 5.3, Interpreting Rate of Change and Slope
and assign homework on page 227-230, problems 1-21, odd number only.

Wednesday 11-9-2016, I will cover 5.3 homework and if the computers are working with the Wi-Fi students
can practice the interactive online tests for Module 3 and Module 4 that I will upload to www.crroot.com

Thursday 11-10-2016, ReTest for Module 3. If I can produce another Module 4 test in time I will offer it for
Retesting as well, if not, then I will push this out till Friday 11-18-2016.