Black Diamond Middle School
Hi Black Diamond Students and Parents
I will add documents and links for testing from this page. I have
also included other pages for specific subjects.

I will from the PreAlgebra page grade level links. For example if
a student is tested to be at 3rd grade level and you want some
practice sheets for them to use then a link will be there so you
can go to 3rd Grade math web page.

Mr. Root
August 26-30th Students took the iReady test. The purpose of
Antioch Unified S.D. sponsored test is to assess a students
Math and English grade level. If a student test below the current
grade level then they will need relearn the different grade levels
of math.

For example a 7th grade level means that a student needs to
relearn 7th grade math as well as learn 8th grade math in order
to be ready for Algebra 1. Moreover, a student that is at a 4th
grade level needs to relearn 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grade math to
do Math 8.

This week I am giving out a packet with 6th grade and 7th grade
math problems. They will do the packet in class as well as for