Coronavirus also called Covid-19
I have noticed that the various new channels
coverage of the coronavirus has informative as well
as inaccurate understandings. The false
understanding or political manipulation is misleading
to Americans which unfortunately can lead to
hospitalization and even death.

Americans need to understand what is going on their
local, county and state level as compared to other
areas including what has or is happening in other
countries. Many governors or county websites are
difficult to navigate and get essential information.

The goal is to present the best of the best documents
and videos on the coronavirus so that a truth in
understanding the good from the bad behaviors of
public leaders and officials. I will display video clips
and documents as well as make summaries.

I live in the bay area of California in a city called
Brentwood California.

It is my hope that as various people see what I am
doing I can get some donations to increase the user
interface with a database of videos and
documentations so that any area, particularly U.S.
Counties and states can feed me videos for their
area. At this time I am estimating a need for $1,000
for each county and territory or $3.3 million per