Math Grade Level Testing and Recovery
Math Grade Level Recovery, On line Question and Answers by Grade Level

This service is to determine at what grade level a student is performing at. Then to offer practice with
problem solution feedback so that they can relearn the math from that lower grade level and to  recover
to current grade level.  

Most parents think that just because their student is say an 8th grader that they can do all 7th grade
level math and lower. In my experience more than half of students are performing at less than 1 year
behind in math.

Join a new way to learn math using online practice testing and assessments. Essentially the service is
going to offer interactive math assessments of common core standards with feedback to the student.
The idea is help students learn math using computer based interactive assessments with question
feedback for missed questions.

The price of the service is will be $199 per month per student.

More importantly, I can adjust the type of test questions as I learn more about what students know and
do not know and do remedial questions with feedback to help students eliminate misunderstandings of
math problem solving.  In addition, the service will offer a means for parents to check how well their
student performs prior to taking a test at school.

If you would like to join or ask questions before joining please email me your contact information.

I can not guarantee success because it takes motivation by the student to learn and remember math.  
Sometimes the parent can help provide the motivation so that a student spends the time learning and
embering their math. If a student is below grade level they are most likely not either learning or

Charley Root
Tutor and former Math Teacher